Tommy and Kim Howard
3110 Hwy 126 East
Grayson, LA  71435
Cell: (318)450-2148
Questions? feel free to call or text anytime
Born 5/8/15
Born 4/14/15
Siberian Husky
Born 7/13/16
We are sad to see our Husky go but my husband and I have decided to sell our huskies. They
are the sweetest most lovable dogs I have ever met, but it takes a lot of strength to handle four
huskies, and at 54 I no longer have that strength. They are excellent breeders as well as great
pets. They love kids, adults, and other pets.

Will sell all 4 together with full breeding rights for $2,000.00 along with feeders and
water pans and trough...
or will sell separate for $600.00 a piece.          
6 months old
is much bigger now
but looks the same