Mikey  Born 02/15/08
Sold to Tina April 28, 2008
For Tina for Mother's Day
Columbia, Louisiana
Buddy  Born 12/25/07
Sold to Kelly Febuary 8, 2008
Olla, Louisiana
Noel  Born 12/25/07
Misty  Born 06/07/07
Sold October 27, 2008
Delhi, Louisiana
Mike  Born 02/15/08

Sold 2010
Gracie & Annie  Born 02/15/08
Sold to Debbie April 4, 2008
Houston, Texas
Adopted Pomeranians
Born 06/25/08
Sold to Melissa Sept. 13, 2008
Alexandria, Louisiana
Oreo  Born 07/26/08
Sold to David Sept. 15, 2008
For Samantha
Monroe, Louisiana
Dolly  Born 06/25/08
Sold to Jerri and Frank
Sept. 12, 2008
Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
Kahlua (Lucky)  Born 08/05/08
Sold to Jenny Oct. 22, 2008
Bronx, New York
Copper  Born 07/26/08
Sold to Andy Sept. 24, 2008
For Victoria
Delhi, Louisiana
Boss  Born 07/31/08
Sold to Edgar Sept. 22, 2008
For Talar
Glendale, California
Piper  Born 07/31/08
Sold to Betty Sept. 26, 2008
Winnsboro, Louisiana
Bella (Dakota)  Born 07/26/08
Was suppose to go to Jenny 09/22/08
To Tiny To Fly -
Lucky Went Instead
Later (12/15/2008) Sold to Francine
Northfield, NJ
Daisy  Born 08/09/08
Sold to Karen August 9, 2008
Conroe, Texas
Sparkles  Born 07/26/08
Sold to Jessica Sept. 28, 2008
Metairie, Louisiana
Izzy  Born 07/31/08
Sold to Meishia Sept. 1, 2008
Minden, Louisiana
Snickers  Born 08/09/08
Sold to Ann Oct. 13, 2008
Jena, Louisiana
Cheeto  Born 06/25/08
Sold to Valencia Oct. 12, 2008
Winnsboro, Louisiana
Sweet Chloe  Born 08/05/08
Given To True Angels
Dave and Jennifer
Saco, Maine
Panda  Born 01/10/09
Sold to My sister Linda
Feb. 15, 2009
Grayson, Louisiana
Phoebe  Born 01/25/09
Sold to Dave and Jennifer
Saco, Maine
A sister for Chloe
Beautiful  Born 03/01/09
Sold to Sandy Apr. 17, 2009
Dallas, Texas
Gracie  Born 03/01/09
Sold to Lacey Apr. 28, 2009
Anacoco, Louisiana
Tiny Girl  Born 03/02/09
Sold to Candace Apr. 29, 2009
Youngsville, Louisiana
Hashae  Born 03/02/09
Sold to Rachael Apr. 23, 2009
Denham Springs, Louisiana
Ashton  Born 03/02/09
Sold to Ross Apr. 17, 2009
Houston, Texas
Pongo  Born 03/09/09
Sold to Lacey Apr. 22, 2009
Anacoco, Louisiana
Tazz  Born 03/04/09
Sold to Tammy Apr. 29, 2009
Franklinton, Louisiana
Soco  Born 03/09/09
Sold to Winn May 2, 2009
Lafayette, Louisiana
Barbie  Born 03/09/09
Sold to Michelle Apr. 26, 2009
Soldotna, Alaska
Bailey  Born 07/11/09
Sold to Nancy Sept. 16, 2009
Austin, Texas
Skippy  Born 08/26/09
Sold to My Mom Oct. 9, 2009
Grayson, Louisiana
Tiko  Born 08/27/09
Sold to Larann Oct. 2009
Hillsboro, Missouri
Ozzie  Born 08/27/09
Sold to Mellanie Sept. 2009
Irvine, Alberta, Cananda
Tucker  Born 08/27/09
Sold to Ann Oct. 2009
Jena, Louisiana
Angel  Born 08/27/09
Kept this little girl for myself
Upcoming Breeder
Wiley  Born 09/13/09
Sold to Jordan Oct. 2009
Monroe, Louisiana
Skippy  Born 09/13/09
Sold to Valina and Carl
Iowa, Louisiana
Paloma  Born 09/13/09
Sold to Fay and Jeff  Sept. 2009
El Cajon, California
Maggie  Born 09/13/09
Sold to my Mom Sept. 2009
Grayson, Louisiana
Later she was sold to Fay and Jeff
El Cajon, California
Teddy  Born 10/02/09
Sold to Polly  Dec. 2009
Wisner, Louisiana
Joker  Born 10/02/09
Sold to Casey Dec. 2009
Shreveport, Louisiana
Born 12/14/09
Sold to Tonya Jan. 2009
Columbia, Louisiana
Romeo  Born 12/14/09
Sold to Skyler Feb. 2009
Jennings, Louisiana
Born 12/14/09
Sold to New Orleans Hornets 2010
New Orleans, Louisiana
Boo Bear  Born 04/17/10
Sold to Melissa 2010
Chesapeake, Virginia
Born 09/10/10
Given to Brandi (my vet's assistant)
Brandi is a true Angel  10/2010
Winnsboro, Louisiana
Casper  Born 09/15/2010
Sold to Jeff and Fay 11/2010
El Cajon, California
Parents to Paloma and Maggie
Born 09/15/2010
Sold to Darrell and Teresa 11/2010
Natchitouches, Louisiana
Shushi  Born 09/15/2010
Sold to Hallie 11/2010
Opelousas, Louisiana
Gucci  Born 10/05/2010
Sold to Megan 11/2010
Shreveport, Louisiana
Pompi  Born 11/02/2010
Sold to Charlene 12/2010
Eunice, Louisiana
Jack  Born 11/02/2010
Sold to Mike 12/2010
Shreveport, Louisiana
Leo  Born 11/05/2010
Sold to Casey for Jessica 01/2011
Grayson, Louisiana
Oreo  Born 03/01/2011
Sold to Lori 04/2011
Gramerey, Louisiana
Teddy  Born 03/28/2011
Sold to Meagan 05/2011
Safety Harbor, Florida
Snickers  Born 03/28/2011
Sold to Jackie 03/2011
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Bear  Born 03/28/2011
Sold to Alexandra 05/2011
Union, New Jersey
Mickey T.  Born 04/25/2011
Sold to My Son Earnie for his
girlfriend Brittany 06/2011
Columbia, Louisiana
Yogi  Born 04/25/2011
Sold to Shaintell 06/2011
Orlando, Florida
Cocoa  Born 04/25/2011
Sold to Scarlette 07/2011
Texarkana, Texas
Baylie  Born 06/13/2011
Sold to Stacey for her daughter 07/2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Trixie Born 07/07/2011
Sold to Melissa 09/2011
Sister for
Boo Bear
Chesapeake, Virginia
Brie  Born 09/21/2011
Sold to Lonny 10/2011
Tibodaux, Louisiana
Harley Born 09/21/2011
Sold to Lucas 10/2011
Lafayette, Louisiana
Rocco Born 10/24/2011
Sold to Tom 12/2011
Prairieville, Louisiana
Annie Born 10/24/2011
Sold to Shirley 12/2011
Lafayette, Louisiana
Born 10/25/2011
Sold to Joby 12/2011
Chicago, Illinois
Mischa Born 10/25/2011
Sold to Kathy 12/2011
Monroe, Louisiana
Melee Born 10/25/2011
Sold to Danille 12/2011
Metairie, Louisiana
Scooter  Born 10/25/2011
Sold to Kim 12/2011
Prairieville, Louisiana
Ray Ray Born 10/28/2011
Given to Renee and Elizabeth
(very good friends) 12/2011
Grayson, Louisiana
Roxy Born 10/28/2011
Sold to Kay 12/2011
Kingwood, Texas
Born 10/28/2011
Sold to TC 12/2011
Scott, Louisiana
Bella Born 10/28/2011
Sold to Karen 12/2011
Covington, Louisiana
Kobe  Born 10/28/2011
Sold to Mackenzie 12/2011
Bentonville, Arkansas
Sadie Born 10/28/2011
Sold to Debbie 12/2011
Shreveport, Louisiana
Jaydee Born 1/11/2012
Sold to Sheila 1/12
Houma, Louisiana
Resume' Born 11/04/2012
Sold to Randy 12/2012
For his grand-daughter for Christmas
Columbia, Louisiana
Foxy Born 11/15/2012
Sold to Russell 11/2012
Columbia, Louisiana
Born 11/15/2012
Sold to Lucas 11/2012
Wisner, Louisiana
Cooney Born 11/15/2012
Sold to Tammy 11/2012
Kaplan, Louisiana
Lou Lou Born 11/15/2012
Sold to April 11/2012
Abbeville, Louisiana
Prince Born 04/01/2013
Sold to Victoria 04/2013
Lafayette, Louisiana
Sophia Born 04/01/2013
Sold to Gywndolyn 04/2013
Boyce, Louisiana
Cowboy Born 08/30/2013
Sold to Dawn 11/2013
Lafayette, Louisiana
Bennett 12/26/16
Sold to Lisa
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Carter Born 12/26/16
Sold to Shari
Las Vegas, NV
Gabbanna Born 11/9/16
Sold to Michele
Stonewall, Louisiana
Howie Born 11/16/16
Sold to Marsha
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ivy Born 1/19/17
Sold to Cindy
West Monroe, Louisiana
Lacey Born 4/4/16
Sold to Megan
Gonzales, LA
Lewis Born 12/26/16
Sold to Gidget
Hammond, Louisiana
Layla 12/6/16
Sold to Bradley
Springfield, Louisiana
Alexis Born 3/11/17
Sold to Penny
Pitkin, Louisiana
Victor Born 11/16/16
Sold to Lisa
Jena, Louisiana
Louis Born 4/4/16
Sold to Jeff
Alexandria, Louisiana
Little Man "Hudson"
Born 1/19/17
Kept for breeder TK Kennels
Alexis Born 1/19/17
Sold to Carol
Tallulah, Louisiana
Nicklas Born 11/16/16
Sold to Ronnie
Keithville, Louisiana
Lexi Bell Born 12/6/16
Sold to James
Prairiville, Louisiana
Sugar 12/6/16
Sold to Tedra
Marrero, Louisiana
Angelle 1/19/2017
Sold to Heidi
Plaquemine, Louisiana
Betty Sue Born 1/19/17
Sold to Ginger
Vinton, Louisiana
Cricket 12/6/16
Sold to Cindy
West Monroe, Louisiana
Lindi Born 12/26/16
Sold to Erica
Denham Springs, Louisiana
Ellie Born 1/22/17
Sold to Sarah
West Monroe, Louisiana
Mikey Born 1/22/17
Sold to Kasey
Natchitoches, Louisiana
Cherry Mercedes 2/7/17
Sold to Carol
Tallulah, Louisiana
Emmy 2/5/17
Sold to Karen
New Iberia, Louisiana
Conner 2/7/17
Sold to Karen
New Iberia, Louisiana
Benny Born 2/5/17
Sold to Joan
Duluth, MN

This page got so full I quit
posting pictures for a couple of
years. But is now back by
popular demand. If you are a
past puppy parent and your
puppy is not here. Send me a
picture and I will gladly add it.
Thanks to all my puppy parents
over the last 10 years!
Brownie Born 7/7/17
Sold to Cierra
Crowley, Louisiana
Prince Born 7/7/17
Sold to Terri
Monroe, Louisiana
Sparkles Born 7/7/17
Sold to Carol
Tallulah, Louisiana
Little Joe Born 7/7/17
Sold to Carol
Tallulah, Louisiana
Kacie Kobie Born 8/26/16
Sold to The Cooks
Alexandria, Louisiana
Kobie Lewis (Lewie)
Born 8/26/16
Breeder for TK Kennels
Buddy Born 9/25/17
Sold to Andrew
Marrero, Louisiana
Gracie Born 9/25/17
Sold to Pam
West Monroe, Louisiana
Milo Bear Born 9/24/17
Sold to Amanda
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Prince Born 9/24/17
Sold to Giovanni
Metairie, Louisiana
Killer Born 9/24/17
Sold to Jansen for Kate
Biloxi, Mississippi
Penny Born 3/8/18
Sold to Stephanie
Reseda, California
Oreo Born 3/8/18
Sold to Sherrona
Lake Charles, Louisiana
King-Ling Born 3/8/18
Sold to Sandra
Berwick, Louisiana
Pueblo Born 3/8/18
Sold to Sherronda
Shreveport, Louisiana
Maliki Born 3/11/18
Sold to Megan
Oak Harbor, Washington
Chloe Born 3/11/18
Sold to Sandra
Boyce, Louisiana
Bark Vada Born 3/16/18
Sold to Debbie
Slidell, Louisiana
JuneeBee Born 3/16/18
TK Kennels Breeder
Grayson, Louisiana
Little Man Born 3/16/18
Sold to Charles
New Orleans, Louisiana
Whiskey Born 3/16/18
Sold to Nanci
Southborough, Massachusetts
Slade Born 4/30/18
Sold to Tamra
Clarks, Louisiana
Rowdee Born 3/16/18
Sold to Deana
Alexandria, Louisiana
Buttons Born 5/5/18
Sold to Lisa
Panama City, Florida
Mini Tippy Toes Born 5/5/18
Sold to Lacey
DeRidder, Louisiana
Female Born 5/5/18
Sold to Nora
Biloxi, Mississippi