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TK Kennel's First litter of pups 2007
TK Kennels was founded by Tommy and Kim Howard in 2005.
EST 2005

I know it must come as a shock to most of you but I have decided to retire.
It has been a great 15 years and I have loved every moment of it! I would
like to thank all my sweet puppy parents of the last 15 years for making my
kennel business such a success! Love from my home to yours! Your puppies
were loved from my home before coming to yours, and I remember almost
each and everyone. It has truly been a joy and I am a little sad to say
goodbye to TK Kennels! But I am leaving you all in good care with the Tyler

Remember... I've always said, "not only do I love puppies, I love people!    
You are still invited to call and chat anytime!

                                            ❤   Love Kim   ❤
TK's Home - Sweet Home
The one & only
Little JR
Sophie Doll
Emmie Lou
Our little nieces Emmie, Adalynn, Rosalee and
Sophia helping out with photo shoots!

Chris,Amanda & BrianTyler
5255 Rosefield Road
Olla, LA  71465

Call: (318)316-3253
call or text anytime!
....and our son Brian
( aka Baddie Sissah)
King Louie
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                                                          Our Puppy Nursery...
       Is located inside our house, so that we can have them close to us when they go into labor.
       The mamas are brought in a week before their due date.
       We  have them on our house  monitors so that  we can  watch them from anywhere, at all times.
       We do not want to miss a birth! (lol!)

All of Our puppies come with:
CKC Registration Application
4 lb bag Blue Baffalo Puppy Food
Stuffed toy with scents from mama/litter
Vet Checked
Vaccinated and wormed.
One year Health Guarantee.
Health Certificate and crate when shipped.

At TK, our " top priority" is to
make sure that all of our  dogs and
puppies are happy, healthy and
comfortable. They love us and their
new home! We know this by the wag
of their tail, sparkle in their eye,
and  the smile on their little fuzzy
TK Kennel's Pups 2016
       This is our kennels. This is where all of our top breeders live.
Hatchet photo bombed and so I
just had to share! (lol!)
                                     HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y'ALL
We have many things to be thankful for. Today as Americans celebrate this day with stuffed
turkey, dressing and by all means don't forget the cranberry sauce!(inside!) We will
be on our pontoon boat on the lake celebrating 26 years of marriage! No matter what's on your
plate, one thing is for certain, God Is Great! He didn't keep us from the struggles and
disappointments of life....but He walked right along the path with us and at times He's had to  
carry us through some places we couldn't physically walk through!  God has been good to
us!We want to say Thank you to all our customers,fans and self proclaimed stalkers!(lol!)We
love each one of you and pray this Thanksgiving is filled with all the love and thanksgiving
trimming your heart desires ! God Is Faithful! Y'all be blessed !!!