Note from the New Owners:

It's an exciting time for TK Kennels! We are in the transitional
process of moving location and ownership. Mrs. Kim, Mr. Tommy,
Elsa, and JR have decided its time to retire and move to their lake
house and live a more simple and carefree life. They have entrusted
their Kennel business and 15 hears of experience to us...
The Tyler Family
Chris, Amanda, and Brian Tyler

We are very close to the Howard family and will  be just minutes
away should we need an experienced hand in the care of TK's top

TK Kennels quality and policies will remain the same. We will still
strive for small happy healthy puppies, offering the best possible care
for both our furry and non furry customers. lol!

Over the years we have seen and heard the testimonials of how these
little balls of fluff have brought comfort, love, and companionship to
so many! That's what we look forward to continuing to do here at TK
Kennels (Top Kare Kennels)!

We look forward to serving you! Please feel free to contact us for all
your furry friend needs!

Our puppies come with:
CKC Registration Application
4 lb bag Blue Baffalo Puppy Food
Stuffed toy with scents from mama/litter
Vet Checked
Vaccinated and wormed.
One year Health Guarantee.
Health Certificate and crate when shipped.
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Website designed by Kim Howard
My husband and Me.
Tommy and Kim Howard
Home - Sweet Home......
TK Kennel's Pups 2007
morkie breeder in louisiana
My husband Tommy and I love our dogs and puppies.  We have
been breeding dogs and raising puppies since 2005.  We strive to
keep our dogs happy and healthy.  We live in the country where
we enjoy the company of our children and grand-children.  
Pictured here with us is our new home and kennel.  We are also
proud to show off pictures of our 8 grand-children.
EST 2005
EST 2005
My dogs are happy and comfortable. They love us and their home!
When I say my puppies come well socialized... I
mean well socialized lol. They are not puppies to
my grand daughters... they are babies!
We just recently added a new addition to our kennel.
We call it the "puppy house". It's where our mamas go
to have puppies and where the puppies live and grow.
Our kennels are located in our back yard where
we spend most of our time our dogs can see and
be part of the family. I love to have coffee in the
mornings on my back porch to greet all my dogs
and they love to see me there.
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TK Kennel's Pups 2016
TK Kennels is undergoing
new ownership and management.

Yes, it's time to say goodbye.
You can read my testimonial at the end of this page.
look for new and exciting
things to come!
Pictures of the Tyler family and their new constructed
kennel coming soon!
Check out Meet the Tyler button to
get to know them better. It's an exciting time for them
and they would like to share their journey with you!
I know it must come as a shock to most of you but I have decided to retire. It has been a
great 15 years and I have loved every moment of it! I would like to thank all my sweet
puppy parents of the last 15 years for making my kennel business
such a success! Love
from my home to yours! Your puppies were loved from my home before com
ing to yours,
and I remember almost each and everyone. It has truly been a joy and I am a little sad to
say goodbye to TK Kennels! But I am leaving you all in good care with the Tyler Family!

Remember... I've always said, "not only do I love puppies, I love people! You are still
invited to call and chat anytime!

Love Kim
Chris and Amanda Tyler
5255 Rosefield Road
Olla, LA  71465
Call: (318)316-3253
feel free to call or text anytime!
Chris and Amanda Tyler
5255 Rosefield Road
Olla, LA  71465
Call: (318)316-3253
feel free to call or text anytime!
5255 Rosefield Road
Olla, LA  71465
Call: (318)316-3253
feel free to call or text anytime!