Soooo.... we bought TK Kennels without the actual Kennel houses!(lol)
No problem right? Chris & Brian can build them! (This will be great
bonding time and the dogs will get a new house too!)
Everybody Ready? Okay, Here we go....
Brian is one of the reasons we bought" TK Kennels".Now we can stay home and he
can not only have 2 dogs, but he can have 14 more! lol ! He has always been good
with animals. He enjoys spending time with them ,and teaching them tricks! He's an
outdoors kind of guy who likes riding his four wheeler,fishing and hunting. He claims
these dogs are already becoming good squirrel hunting dogs.( I'm rolling my eyes
and actually laughing out loud!) Don't worry tho, your puppies won't be going through
his training classes!(lol) Just thought you'd like to know that!(lol!)
This is my husband Chris.( AKA Papa
Chris) We have been happily married
for 25 years and have 4 children
together, one grandchild and
many,many nieces and nephews.
As a family,we have traveled the US
while he worked as a carpenter and
later on as a land surveyor for the
pipeline. We have seen and done it
all together.
He can build a house,fix just about
anything, grill like nobody's business
... but that wasn't enough,was it?!
Ohhhh noooo! We just had to go and
add "dog breeder" to the list!
Just kidding !!!(lol!)
He is actually enjoying the whole
process....Especially  now that he
and Brian have over half of the kennel
built and the dogs are comfortably
moved in.
He tells everyone he is semi-retired,
but so far it's been work,work,work
for him and Brian.(lol)
I could fill this whole page and still not
say enough about this awesome
This is me, Amanda. When you call TK
Kennels, you'll more than likely be talking to
me. (lol) I've been known as a lot of things,but
a "dog lover" was never one of them!!! (lol)
However,thanks to my four children who
were... We've had lots of awesome pets over
the years. We've had
dogs,cats,chickens,rabbits and one goat!(lol) It
wasn't until a hard time in my daughter's life
that I was able to witness  the healing power
and comfort of what the unconditional love of a
pet could do. Looking back now tho, I guess
with each new pet, I was slowly won over! Nowadays I'm very much hands on! I'm
washing them, grooming them.... and loving
every minute of it! In fact we go out at night,
as a family to spend one on one time with each
of our top breeders. We pet them,examine
them & put each dog to bed. lol! They love it &
we do too!
Sooo....Who are the TYLERS???
Caleb (Brian's friend) came to help out one
They would help Chris awhile,then they'd
ride the 4wheeler,tractor and work on their
fort in the woods.
A rain shower came up and I told the boys the
ground was gonna be too wet to camp out! They
asked if they could stay in the tent,on top of the
deck. I said If it got built to that point, I didn't see
why not & that it would be fine with me .

Later on that day I asked Chris if they should take a
It was another hot Summer day here in Louisiana
and they were some more kind of sweating ! (lol!)
In a very thick southern drawl Caleb said " Shoooot
we don't need no break, We've gotta get this
done!" I laughed so hard! Lord knew I needed that
laugh! (Thanks Caleb)
They got it all done, but one sheet  and camped out
all night and had some opossum company stories
to tell too!
I found Brian " working " on punch home
design so "mama" could see what it's gonna
look like in 3D!(lol)
Boy, I already know what it's gonna look like!
Now Get busy!!!( just kidding !)
(I really was Laughing out loud for real!!!)
First of all , Y'all gotta know that there's no better
place in all the world to be  ....when you're right in
the middle of a COVID LOCK DOWN!(lol!)
When Nobody can leave their house... Here we all
are in Lowe's Home Improvement ,buying material
for our new kennels!Everybody is trying to stay 6ft
from everybody else who, also thought now was a
good time to work on them honey do projects!
look for new and exciting
things to come!