We here at TK Kennels are healthy and our puppies are healthy. If you purchase a puppy,
It can be picked up safely with no contact between us.
Due to Coronavirus mandates shipping puppies via the airlines or ground carriers is not possible at this time. If you buy a
puppy from TK Kennels you will need to make arrangements to either drive or fly here to pick them up. I am willing to meet
you at the airports nearest me (MLU or AEX) where arrangements for a safe pickup can be made.
Chris,Amanda & Brian Tyler
5255 Rosefield Road
Olla, LA  71465
Please call or text anytime!
Non Refundable Deposit $361.00
( $350.00 Deposit is applied to the cost of puppy, $11.00 goes to paypal for their fees.)

If Shipping..... Non Refundable Shipping Cost $450.00
(separate from deposit/ add additional  $13.00 paypal fee( $463.00 )
(There is a 3 % charge when using Paypal)
Before placing a deposit,please note that puppies are to be picked up by dates they are ready.
We do not hold puppies past 8 weeks of age!
We usually let puppies go home as early as 7 wks . We take puppies to vet at 6 weeks for check up and then we give them their shots.
After another week of observation they are usually ready to go home at 7 weeks.
TK Kennels welcomes any reviews

All of our breeders are CKC
registered and  all of our
puppies on this site
come with full Continental
Kennel Club (CKC)

  TK's "2020" puppies can be found  under the
"past puppies tab" and behind the following sign....

Mia & Milobear had their litter

3 chocolates...
2male &1female
of which the female has
already been reserved!

Jazzi & Coal had just one
solid black and it has already
been reserved!
Pictures are coming soon...
My email is moving super slow.
Right now we have 2 Chocolate males available.
Please call me if interested or for further information!
Again , thanks for your patience!