Miss Scarlett  Born 03/20/08
Sold to Delores April 22, 2008
Dodson, Louisiana
Humphrey  Born 03/24/08
Sold to Ricky May 5, 2008
For Dionne for Mother's Day
Shreveport, Louisiana
Born 03/29/08
Sold to Jessica May 9, 2008
For Whitney for Graduation
Oak Grove, Louisiana
Born 03/29/08
Sold to Tanya May 1, 2008
Shreveport, Louisiana
Summer  4 1/2 yrs.old
Sold to Betty May 18, 2008
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Charlie  Born 03/24/08
Sold to Doris May 29, 2008
Starks, Louisiana
Mili Mili  Born 04/16/08
Sold to Doris May 29, 2008
Starks, Louisiana
Reese  Born 04/16/08
Sold to Heath May 26, 2008
For Brittany for Graduation
Winnsboro, Louisiana
Molly  Born 04/16/08
Sold to Kristi May 19, 2008
Olla, Louisiana
Roscoe  14 months old
Sold to Brandi June 14, 2008
Morganza, Louisiana
Gucci  Born 04/16/08
Sold to Lynn June 17, 2008
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Gracie  Born 04/16/08
Sold to Lynn June 17, 2008
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Cody  Born 04/16/08
Sold to Chad June 24, 2008
For Marquita for her Birthday
Ringgold, Louisiana
Joy  Born 07/12/07
Sold to Lisa and Jeffrey June 27,2008
Livingston, Louisiana
Missy  Born 07/12/07
Sold to Lisa and Jeffrey June 27,2008
Livingston, Louisiana
Oliver  Born 06/09/08
Given to Mariah July 18, 2008
My future daughter-in-law
Grayson, Louisiana
Born 06/09/08
Sold to Amy and Daughters
July 18, 2008
Grayson, Louisiana
Jody  Born 04/26/07
Sold to Eric September 6, 2008
Bossier City, Louisiana
Bowzer  Born 03/09/08
Sold to Daniel Oct. 1, 2008
For his wife Kristy
Crowley, Louisiana
Bentley (Scottie)  Born 08/25/08
Sold to Christina Dec. 15, 2008
Gainsville, Florida
Born 01/21/09
Sold to Ben. Mar. 26, 2009
For his girlfriend Maria
Hercules, California
Pickles  Born 02/09/09
Sold to Angie Apr. 17, 2009
Slidell, Louisiana
Hunter  Born 02/09/09
Sold to Lindsdy Apr. 14, 2009
Jena, Louisiana
Born 08/17/09
Sold to Jerilyn 11/2009
Natchez, Mississippi
Rudy  Born 09/12/09
Sold to John and Tara  11/2009
Stoneham, Massachusettes
Willie  Born 08/20/09
Sold to My Mom 11/2009
Grayson, Louisiana
Lizzie  Born 09/12/09
Sold to Sadie  11/2009
Metairie, Louisiana
Loulou  Born 08/20/09
Sold to Ramona 10/2009
Duson, Louisiana
Nemo  Born 08/20/09
Sold to Tiffany 12/2009
Denver, Colorado
Rocky  Born 10/25/09
Sold to Blake for his wife for
Christmas 12/2009
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Annie  Born 10/25/09
Sold to Jerri 12/2009
Sulfur, Louisiana
Daisy  Born 04/16/10
Sold to Nicole 04/2010
Grayson, Louisiana
Champ  Born 04/16/10
Sold to Regan 05/2010
Thibodaux, Louisiana
Born 04/30/2010
Sold to Jolene  09/2010
Eudora, Arkansas
Born 08/05/2010
Sold to Jerry 10/2010
Bayside, New York
Teddy Born 08/05/2010
Sold to Jessica 10/2010
San Jose, California
Paris Born 08/05/2010
Sold to John and Tara 10/2010
Parents to
Rudy sold 11/2009
Stoneham, Massachusettes
Jaxon  Born 08/09/2010
Sold to Debbie  01/2011
Palmetto, Georgia
Dolce  Born 10/03/2010
Sold to Barbie  10/2010
Thibodaux, Louisiana
Elvis  Born 11/24/2010
Sold to Paxton and Melodi  02/2011
Bossier City, Louisiana
Carley  Born 11/24/2010
Sold to Ashleigh  01/2011
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Bently  Born 11/24/2010
Sold to Ashleigh  12/2010
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Jojo  Born 11/20/2010
Sold to Tracia  01/2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mia  Born 11/20/2010
Sold to Jackie for her Mom  02/2011
New Boston, Texas
Chole  Born 11/20/2010
Sold to Rusty for Averi  01/2011
Leesville, Louisiana
Tucker and Sammy  Born 11/20/2010
Sold to Crystal  01/2011
Bismark, Arkansas
Cash  Born 11/24/2010
Sold to Ella  02/2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Miley  Born 03/01/2011
Sold to Ryan for his fiance
Brittany  04/2011
Covington, Louisiana
Roscoe  Born 03/01/2011
Sold to Terese  04/2011
Houma, Louisiana
Dixie  Born 03/01/2011
Sold to Renee 04/2011
Keithville, Louisiana
Pickles  Born 03/02/2011
Sold to Desha  04/2011
Choudrant, Louisiana
Ranger  Born 06/27/2011
Sold to Chelsea for her
daughter 08/2011
Walker, Louisiana
Sold to Gary for his wife for her
birthday 08/2011
Winchester, Massachusetttes
Mina  Born 06/28/2011
Sold to Ryan for his girlfriend 08/2011
Columbia, Louisiana
Gracie  Born 06/28/2011
Sold to Felicia for her daughter 08/2011
Ramsey, Minnesota
Corky  Born 06/28/2011
Sold to Meridith  11/2011
Winnsboro, Louisiana
Brintly  Born 06/29/2011
Sold to Chance  11/2011
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Brady  Born 06/27/2011
Sold to Tammy  11/2011
DeVille, Louisiana
Tazz  Born 08/24/2011
Sold to Connie  10/2011
LaRose, Louisiana
Lizzi  Born 08/24/2011
Sold to Marcy  10/2011
Houma, Louisiana
Libbi  Born 08/24/2011
Sold to Shannon  10/2011
Marrero, Louisiana
Mossi  Born 09/15/2011
Sold to Sherri  10/2011
Ragley, Louisiana
Danger  Born 09/15/2011
Sold to Sharlene  10/2011
Ragley, Louisiana
Levi  Born 09/15/2011
Sold to Theresa  11/2011
DeRidder, Louisiana
Tanner  Born 02/29/2012
Sold to Charles  04/2012
Ragley, Louisiana
Addie  Born 02/29/2012
Sold to Marquis  04/2012
Leesville, Louisiana
Tucker  Born 02/29/2012
Sold to Kendra  04/2012
Benton, Louisiana
Grizzly  Born 03/02/2012
Sold to Jennifer  04/2012
Bossier City, Louisiana
Rosie  Born 03/02/2012
Sold to Mark  04/2012
Monroe, Louisiana
Kai  Born 08/14/2012
Sold to Michele  09/2012
Kiln, Mississippi
Alvin  Born 08/14/2012
Sold to Tony  09/2012
North Reading, Massachusetts
Rocky  Born 012/19/2012
Sold to Shirley  3/2013
Berwick, Maine
Toby  Born 03/20/2013
Sold to Danette 5/2013
Monroe, Louisiana
Lucy  Born 03/20/2013
Sold to Bobbie 5/2013
Iberia, Louisiana
Born 09/26/2013
Sold to Jereme 11/2013
Kenner, Louisiana

This page got so full I quit
posting pictures for a couple of
years. But is now back by
popular demand. If you are a
past puppy parent and your
puppy is not here. Send me a
picture and I will gladly add it.
Thanks to all my puppy parents
over the last 10 years!
Salli  Born 12/27/2016
Sold to Cherell
Greensburg, Louisiana
Sandi  Born 12/27/2016
Sold to Christie
Gonzales, Louisiana
Gracie  Born 11/20/2016
Sold to Monica
Robert, Louisiana
Cash  Born 4/14/2017
Sold to Monica
Robert, Louisiana
Payton  Born 1/3/2017
Sold to Danielle
Fort Wayne, IN
Chase  Born 1/22/2017
Sold to Jennifer
Youngsville, Louisiana
Sam  Born 12/27/2016
Sold to Sara
Fresno, CA
Polli  Born 1/3/2017
Sold to Jerri
Orting, WA
Bridgett  Born 2/6/2017
Sold to Janice
Batesville, MS
Nola  Born 2/8/2017
Sold to Phyllis
Gonzales, Louisiana
Becca  Born 1/22/2017
Sold to Cherell
Greensburg, Louisiana
Slay  Born 12/27/2016
Sold to LaSandra
Bossier City, Louisiana
Belle  Born 1/22/2017
Sold to Tiffany
Newellton, Louisiana
Presley  Born 1/3/2017
Sold to Ye Lu
Chicago, IL
Presley  Born 1/31/2017
Sold to The Moore's
Discovery Bay, CA
Princess  Born 1/31/2017
Sold to Alexandria
Dover, NH
Sabastian  Born 4/14/2017
Sold to Misty
Sunset, Louisiana
Jazzi  Born 9/6/2016
Sold to Jerri
Shreveport, Louisiana
Gracen  Born 9/6/2016
Sold to Gen
Sharpsburg, KY
Hulk  Born 9/6/2016
Sold to James
La Porte, TX
Elvis Born 11/2/16
Sold to Chancey
Philadelphia, MS
Cash Born 11/2/16
Sold to Ashley
Monroe, Louisiana
Hunter Born 11/2/16
Sold to John
Bell Chasse, Louisiana
Skeetie-Bop  Born 7/21/2017
Sold to Tahvia
Rowlett, TX
Jaxon  Born 7/21/2017
Sold to Anthony
Berwick, Louisiana
Riley  Born 7/21/2017
Sold to Nicholas
Duson, Louisiana
Mikey  Born 9/20/2017
Sold to Dawn
Jalisco, Mexico
Mandy  Born 9/20/2017
Sold to Dawn
Jalisco, Mexico
Sailor  Born 11/2/2017
Sold to Robin
Woodworth, Louisiana
Beaux  Born 10/24/2017
Sold to Marsha
Sulfur, Louisiana
Mink  Born 11/2/2017
Sold to Ciara
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Cooper  Born 11/2/2017
Sold to Charles
Natchez, Mississippi
Faith  Born 10/24/2017
Sold to Paula
Beaumont, Texas
Ruby  Born 10/24/2017
Sold to Paula
Beaumont, Texas
Hope  Born 10/24/2017
Sold to Paula
Beaumont, Texas
Milo Born 10/9/2017
Sold to Jana
Jena, Louisiana
Riliegh Jo Rose  Born 10/9/2017
Sold to Scotti
Forth Worth, Texas
Lewie Born 18/16/2017
Sold to Joshua
Washington, D.C.
Gucci Born 10/9/2017
Sold to Kenya
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Ginger  Born 11/2/2017
Sold to Melanie
Denham Springs, Louisiana
Mayhem  Born 11/2/2017
Sold to Amber
Anacoco, Louisiana