Here are a couple of pictures my daughter took to put on a Christmas card. She is doing real good. She loves the snow
(which we have plenty of now). She has lots of toys and she plays with everyone of them. She can get into a lot of
mischief if we don't keep an eye on her. She dosen't seem to be afraid of anything. We take her to my daughter's
house so she can play with my daughter's puppy, Chelsea (Norfolk Terrier). She gets along well with other dogs and
she likes children too. She dosen't like the car and she drools and sometimes gets car sick. When she sees us getting
ready to go out she runs the other way. We are trying to get her use to the car by taking her for short rides. I think the
Here are some updated pix of Roscoe, taken with
me..He is eating great. He is playful. He is a whole
lot of fun for us. We love him dearly. He's just the
best pet for me..thank you so very much.  
Hey Mrs.Kim,
Its Truc, Lynn's daughter, i just wanted to tell you about the puppies. They're great!
They behave very well and are adjusting very well,also. I would have uploaded some
pictures but my camera cord is broken so when i get a new one ill send you pictures.
The bigger one whom is named Gucci is extremely smart, she's learning new tricks
and is almost fully potty trained with our schedule. The other puppy whom is Gracie is
really playful,which is awesome.They miss you, kisses from the puppies!
Kim. My name is Dionne. My husband Ricky bought me a male yorkie and I
just wanted to tell you how much I really love this baby. We named him
Humphrey. He is very spoiled, but he is so worth it. He sleeps with my
husband and I along with our 3 shih tzu's.........

........You should see his pen. Most people would put them in a kennel. No,
not us. He has a baby play pen that is half the size of our kitchen. Again, I
just wanted to say thanks for my baby.
Hi Kim,

She is doing great! she's grown alot since i got her, the kids love her she is
sooo sweet and sassy she loves to play it is so funny how something so
small can think they are sooo bad!... we love her to death..... she likes to
sleep at the top of my head, a habit I should not have started, but will
never be able to break as long as she sleeps with me...  she is such a
good puppy we took her the the vet the next week after i picked her up and
she was in great health, she weighed 14oz...! such a big one ..... she
probably has put on a few more ounces since then but not much. Her hair
is growing, she's starting to get that nappy look lol! but we love her. thanks
Tina called and wanted me to put her testimonial on my website.  This
is what she had to say........He is so smart and he house trained right
away.  He is sweet and loving and such a joy to her.  He waits each
day for her to come home from work for kisses.  He is going through
the "puppy uglies" but she still thinks he is the most beautiful dog
ever.  She thanked me so much for her little baby.
At 3 months he weighed 17 ounces
Hi Kim,
Dolly arrived safe and sound.  We just got home about 1 hr ago, (8:36 pm).  Poor Dolly had quite a ride today.  First 6 1/2
hrs on a plane and then a 3 hr drive home. She is adorable. As soon as I get myself settled I will e mail you some

...........She is a little doll and very smart.  She comes when I call her and she sits when I tell her and now we are working
on her giving her paw and sitting up right (like the begging stance) except I say "Look Pretty". I had her to the vet yesterday
and she is doing well.  I even started on brushing her teeth this morning.  I can't believe she actually let me do it. She is all
over the house checking things out.  I have a playyard that I put her in when I'm too busy to keep an eye on her.  She can
be a very determined little girl when she wants to get at something.  I just have to show her who the boss is......... -Jerri
Hi Kim! I'm Victoria and my boyfriend just gave me the orange sable pom
that he bought from you. The puppy is amazing and I absolutely love him
to pieces! I just wanted to get some advice about monitoring his
had a little less form this morning and I wanted to know if I should be
worried? Thanks so much!
I just have to say that this is the most precious puppy I have ever seen! Thank you so much
for her. I just love her!!!!  She is doing great. No trouble at all on the way home. She likes
everybody.I broke her food into smaller pieces she seems to give up on the big pieces.

Anyway, we are home and very happy!
Thanks again
Hey Kim!  

I just wanted to give you a little update on how she's doing
so far.  She has been AMAZING!  she was so calm and good on the ride
home- very alert and wanting a lot of attention.  She even fell asleep
on my lap. Loved it.  Since we have been home she has taken a liking
to everyone and everyone is loving her!  They can't believe how cute
she is.  She slept very well last night and has been eating well and
everything else is going very well too.  We have a vet appointment
scheduled for next monday morning so i will let you know how that
goes.  I can't thank you enough.  She has truly been a blessing in my
life and my family's.  Hope all is going well with your other babies.
Thank you so much again! -Jessica
The puppy is great. He is a little bundle of joy. Absolutely adorable
and everything we both had hoped for. He is doing fine with the
eating. We are following all your instructions. The only question I
had was about potty training them. What is the best way to teach
him? Also he loves to bite, although it doesn't hurt, eventually I'm
sure it will. Is this just playfulness because hes a puppy or should we
stop him immediately?

Thank you for everything

Hey there!

We named him Copper, for the color on his head. He is doing GREAT! I
took him to the vet here in Baton Rouge a few days ago, and he got his
next shot and a check up. They said he's very healthy, and raved over him
the entire time =)

Hey Kim,  I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond, but I
have been so busy.  She has adjusted well. I have named her
Izzy.  Wiley, my lab, is still not sure about her.  She tries so hard
to play with him, but he completely ignores her.  She is a big hit
with everyone in my family.  My mom comes everyday while I'm
at work and plays with her. She is spoiled rotten........................

Tanner has been going to work with me and everyone loves him.  One man asked
me if he was real.  I took him to the vet today for his checkup and the vet said that he
was a beautiful puppy.........
...........he said that he was a healthy puppy.  He weighed a whopping One pound.  Thanks again for such a
cute little puppy.   
Hi Kim,

Wanted to let you know the first day home with Snickers went well. She's a very energetic little girl!
She's getting along very well with the others I have, especially trying to keep up with them during play.
She took her shot very well this morning and her coughing is hardly there anymore. She's a little
trooper, she is! Even though we are calling her Snickers her registered name will be Heavenly Bit of
Snickers. Thanks so much for selling her to us! My daughter told me "you did good with this one
mom! I really like her!" I'll keep in touch and in the future when I find I want to get another, I'll check
with you. Oh and everyone says she looks like a teddy bear! She is a cutie, that's for sure!  

Take care,
...........She is a love -  I am so glad you decided to let us have her.  I
promise you we will do what ever we can to make her healthy.  She is so
precious and everyone just loves her so much already.  We will do
everything in our power to make her better, and love her as much as we
can -  the rest is up to God........
Talk to you soon,
Hello Kim,
How are you???  What a night we have had.  I feel like a new mom that doesn't sleep.  He was great last night.  We let him look
around and he would follow us everywhere we went.  He especially likes my daughter (who held him first at the airport)  I spent the
night with him on the couch (afraid my bed was too high for him and did not want him to fall off)  My crazy dog Oreo is terrified of
him, mind you she is about 4X bigger than him...He was alert and exploring everywhere.  He used the bathroom right on the
newspaper we have for Oreo (she walks outside and is paper trained) and other spots as well.  He is much tinier than I expected, he
looks so big in the pics you sent.  But he is absolutely wonderful...Kim we can't thank you enough for all you have done for us and for
our precious baby.  We will be indebted to you for always.
Warm Regards,

Kim I just want to say thank you for Bella, she is everything you said and more. When I
arrived at the airport to pick her up I was floored when she came off the plane and I saw
how tiny her crate was. I know that you kept telling me how tiny she was and you were
right she is SO TINY! From the minute I took her out it was love at first sight. Now that
she has been with us for a couple weeks I could not imagine our life without her. Bella is
the sweetest, most loving little dog I have ever had. She keeps us entertained everyday
with her playful antics and as my son puts it she is MAD FAST!!  My  vet says she is the
tiniest Pomeranian that she has ever seen but healthy as can be. We are so  thrilled to
have her as part of our family.You can tell how loved she was while she was with you in
your home.  Thank You again for making the whole transaction as easy as can be. I
would recommend your puppies to anyone who is looking. I will be sure to keep in touch
so that you can see her progress.
Thanks Again!!!!!  Francine & Family
Hey Kim,

I got the paperwork you mailed, thank you so much...... I have also attached
some pictures of Molly, she weighs about 2 1/2 pounds. She's tiny..........
again thank you so much.......................

She is so funny, and playful she loves to be held "lap dog" haha.  I refer to
her as my third child....... I just love her to death!...... I tell my daughter to
take her "sister" outside.... they think that is so funny ........ you just get so
attached to them... they are a  part of the family!


I thought you might like to see some current pictures of Tanner.  He is such a special little
dog.  We just love him to death. People are always curious as to what kind of dog that he
is.  This past weekend was a parade with dogs.  I saw a maltese and pom mix.  It was
really cute too.

Hi Kim. Just checking out your web site, as usual. Looks like you're going to be busy for quite a while. Just wanted
to chat with you about a couple things. First; Chloe is doing awesome!! She is hands down the love of our lives
and we are so thankful for you bringing her into our lives. Both of us remind each other every day and night how
much we adore her. We are planning on sending you some updated photo's. She is getting her adult coat and is
looking gorgeous. She weighed 3 pounds 5 ounces at the vets about three weeks ago but I know she's grown
since then. Anyways, enough gushing about our beautiful daughter. We've been looking at your most recent pups.
We're very serious about adding to our family. I'm not sure if we should look at getting Chloe a brother or a sister
though so I was wondering if you could help us with that. Jen seems like she wants a white Pom. She loved
"Panda" and I'm gald she'll be staying with your sister. We were looking through your web site and Jen absolutely
loves the way "Mikey" looks. I know you can't predict what your pups are going to look like but I just wanted you to
know I think that's what we might be looking for in our next baby. I know you're busy so I just wanted you to be
updated on Chloe seeing you are still her first Mom. And, we wanted to let you know that we're in the market for a
playmate for her. Hope everything is going great. Take care and look forward to hearing from you. Dave J.
(Chloe's Dad)      
OMG!!!! I am in LOVE!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Scott brought her up to my job and all the coworkers went
ape, glad i didnt get in trouble!! lol

Hi Kim

We want to thank you again for our new baby, she is so much fun,and such  
a  well behaved puppy. We named her Lil Lucy BOO we are calling her boo
like that little girl on Monsters INC, since her eyes are so big and cute.
I took her on Thursday to the vet, I just need to know if you need a copy of it.

Thanks again
Colorado Springs, CO
Dallas, TX
Bronx, NY
Northfield, NJ
Olla, LA
Saco, MN
Jena, LA
Bay St. Louis, MS
Glendale, CA
Minden, LA
Metairie, LA
Conroe, TX
Good morning Kim,
Phoebe is doing well, seems to be adjusting just fine.  I don't think much phases her-  it's like she never skipped a beat..................
Phoebe is a spit fire, she runs up the stairs like a pro-  did she do that at your house?  I couldn't believe it the first time she did it.  
Chloe just this past week started climbing the stairs.  She would never do it herself before, I guess she didn't want Phoebe showing
her up................She is adorable and we love her-  I think Chloe loves her too.  They play all the time.  We don't leave them alone
together during the day yet-  Chloe is quite a bit bigger still, and can get a little rough sometimes when they are playing.  So I'm
going to wait a while before they can hang out during the day together while I'm at work............Well, I will try to take some
pictures of the girls this weekend.
Hope you and your family are well-  
Take care,
Saco, MN
Columbia, LA
Delhi, LA
Lake Ariel, PA
Shreveport, LA
Lake Charles, LA
Morganza, LA
Hi Kim,
Sorry its taken so long to send these pictures. We have been busy with the
new baby. lol. She is such a good puppy.  And she had her first snow storm
the same week she arrived here. Thanks again.
Tenill Young
Hi Kim,
How are you??  I've been keeping track of your babies on your website...  love all the pics.
We are doing fine, spring is coming in here in NYC and it is simply beautiful.  Kahlua has healed well and is
walking, running and jumping.  He has such a big personality.  He is still very quiet only barking when
absolutely necessary.  He is constantly chewing and biting everything and is very single-minded.  But he is so
loving most of the time.  He loves to cuddle with us in bed and on our laps and even when I'm driving.  
Because of carrying him around for the last several weeks, he has becomed use to everyone petting him (and
he does not like walking on a leash in the city...Attached is a pictur I took of him when the soft cast were
removed, I call the pic "King Kahlua". Anyway enough for now, take care and hope to hear from you soon...

hey kim

Just thought you might want to see some pictures of hashae. she is doing
great she knows to use her puppy pad when we are not there. she is still
learning to use it outside. she is in to that i am going to bite everything
stage but we still love her. she gets on and off the bed by herself. we have
stuff stacked up for her. she loves to ride in the car. i put her bed in the
other seat and she gets out of it and in to my purse and goes to sleep.

Hi Kim,

Hope you are fine. I thought you might enjoy this picture of my
daughter Lyndsie and her Yorkie she got from you, Hunter. This
was taken a few days or a week or so after she got him. She's
enjoying him very much. He's a VERY fast learner too. In one
day he learned to fetch, bring it back and give it to her, fetch
again, sit, and sit up and beg. Sometimes he'll sit up and beg for
her without her telling him to when he's on the floor looking up at
her. It's so cute when he does that as tiny as he is. Anyway,
enjoy the pic!

Jena, Louisiana
3 months later

Piper is doing great. He is eating good and we haven't had any problems with him at all.
He hasn't cried one bit. He loves his walks around the pond. He is so far from bashful now.
He is jumping around, playing with his toys, barks to get our attention, and chews on
everything. He gets up once during the night and that's it. He plays for a little while and
then goes right back to sleep. He absolutely hates taking a bath. Which brings up a
question I have. How often can I bathe him if I am using baby shampo? We bought him
some treats to try to help potty train and he loves the treats. He is doing good I guess. He
does go outside but still makes a few accidents right after but I know you said its because
he still can't hold his bladder. He is so spoiled!! I have attached some pictures of him for
you. Hope you had a fun trip!

Hey Kim
How are you? Just wanted to check in and send you a few pictures of the girls,,,,,,,
Anyway, hope all is well with you.  The girls are great-  I just wish I could get Phoebe housebroken, I’m having a
hard time with her!.......She is so funny, her little personality has really evolved.  She is much more lovey and is
actually quite funny to watch.  Chloe is my little sweetheart-........Phoebe is definitely the alpha dog of the house,
she even takes toys and stuff from my golden.  Sophie is so good with them, she just lets them do what ever.
Take care-  
Hey, Kim this is Mickey all grown up!  I can't thank you enough
for him.   He was so easy to  house break, plays fetch and is just
so smart!  We take him every where.  He weighs alittle over five
pounds but, thats mosty FUR! Thanks again.  Tina
A month after receiving my son from Kim, I couldn’t be happier.  After I checked Kim’s website and decided
to have my baby, Kim and I were in touch for about 5 weeks, during which I received weekly pictures of Lex.
As a result I have pics of Lex from the day he was born till the week before I received him.  I also have pics
of his 1st bath at Kim’s house, and pictures of his mom and dad! J Since I live in New York, Lex was shipped
to me, and even this process was pretty satisfying for me. I was able to track his flights all the time, and
know where exactly was Lex and when exactly he would arrive. When I received him at the airport I was
pleased to see a young baby full of energy and joy. He brought with him all his documents as well as a
syrup syringe, in case he had any stress related low blood symptom. When I got home, I checked the
package Kim sent along with Lex, where I could see all the shots he had been given, his 3 past dewormings,
and a shot-care guide she sent for me, which proved useful at Lex’s visit to the vet. When I took him to the
vet for a check-up, the doctor said that he was extremely strong and healthy, and that he had good
muscular development. Although he had no problems at all, I also let the vet conduct a fecal test to look for
parasites, and the test results showed that he had Zero parasites on him. He has been eating, drinking,
sleeping and eliminating right, which are the most important things for puppies.  This baby is extremely
active, and pays attention to all I do and say. He is very smart and independent too.He alredy knows "Sit"-
"Down"- "Roll"-"Come" and, of course "No", haha.  He gives me kisses all the time, real kissed. Also,

regarding his first days here, I never heard him whine not even once. As Kim told me she would do, she put
him to sleep in his crate during the nights weeks before he came home, and the result was that he got used
to it, and kindly goes to his crate when I put him into his playpen. This was a great relief for me, because I
am very busy during the day and I was able to go to bed without having to worry about crying preventing me
from getting enough rest. Lex just turned 3 months last Friday, and has been as cute and fun as always. He
is surely a lot of joy, and my good friend. When it comes to making transactions, purchasing or receiving
services, I am the pickiest person anyone can ever meet; yet, I am happy and glad to say that having my
son from Kim has been a 100% satisfaction thing. Kim is surely very organized and responsive, and more
than anything, it really showed that she takes care of each puppy as if it was her own. I have a lot of respect
for her and just wished that I could contract with her for more things. Unfortunately she just sells babies and
I have mine already and it has got me very happy. Last weekend was in the mall and shopping took me
longer, because 90% of the people stopped me to ask if they could pet him, or just to say what a pretty face
he has. He is amazing.  If anyone wants to see the cutest, most attractive Morkie ever, email me and I will
send pics and video clips I have of him ( )Thank you one million times Kim!

Yonkers, New York
Aida and Lex
Hi Kim.......

........I see by your web site that you have been very busy selling lots of puppies! I
check it all the time to see all your new ones. I told Glen we needed another one
because Ozzi is getting big...haha. I will attach a photo of him and I for you to
see....he hasn't really changed but he is getting long legs.
I can tell you though...he is such a huge baby when it comes to his shots! He cried like we were killing him then all that night he didn't want to be
touched...haha. He gets more shots in a couple weeks. Rabies...YIKES!!! He is
sleeping through the night in his kennel...he has always been pretty good at
that...thank god! My other one never did sleep in a kennel.

Anyway Kim........ thank you again for Ozzie...........
Irvine, Alberta,

Hi Kim, we LOVE Rudy!!! OMG is he a sweet puppy! I am trying to talk John
into getting another one from you so we will be checking the web site. Rudy
is doing very well. Potty training is going ok not great but good. He sleeps
every night in his crate & does well with that. We have 2 bunnys that we keep
outside & he loves to go over to their cage and look in. LOL... I will be
sending you an X-Mas card so watch for Rudy!!! Thanks agian for everything
& we are so happy with our puppy!!!  : )  Maybe soon you will be hearing from
us for another one. I do like the toy size.

Tara & John
Stoneham, Ma
Stoneham, MA

Hello, Kim.

I see from your website that you are busy with new puppies! I
wanted to send you a couple of pictures of my little girl, Lizzie. She
is doing so well and loves playing with all of her toys. We love her
so very much.

Take Care,

Metairie, Louisiana

Hi, took the puppy to vet today.  She checked out great.  Didn't
think they were going to let me leave with her, ha!  I was thinking
of putting Dezzy's Roxy Pandora on her registration.  I'll call her
Roxy.  Seems to go well with her personality and her parents'
names, too.  Will send some cute photos soon!
Thanks again,
Donna : )
Shreveport, Louisiana

Annie has finally made 2 pounds.  She is such a
joy we really love her. I am sending you a picture
of her it is not real good but we just got a new
camera and we are working on it.

I still watch you website to see what you have, I
would get another one from you.

Thank you,
Sulphur, Louisiana

Hello, how are you? I'm emailing you to tell you how awesome Romeo is. He
is everything I wanted and more. He's my new best friend. I can not believe
how smart he is. My family is in love with him. On our way back from picking
him up, we had to stop at a gas station to get a snack and we had a ton of
people surrounding us complimenting how cute he was and asking where I
got him. Romeo and my cat Callie get along just fine. Callie wouldn't leave
us alone yesterday, she kept coming into my room to watch him. Romeo is
my new baby, I love him so much. He's a little puffball. Well thanks again for
my awesome,adorable, and loving puppy! : )
Jennings, Louisiana

As you can see I have not updated this page since 2010.  I have had many,
many great reviews from people, but my business has grown and I no longer
have room to post anymore testimonies.  I want to take this time to say a great
big THANK YOU to everyone!

They have both fulfilled our lives (especially Chloe) can't play favs but she is the sweetest soul ever!!! Daddy's Girl
Chloe and Phoebe excelling
after our move to Florida!!!
Hope all is well...
Dave and Jennifer
It was meant to be---God sends us very few gifts--Chloe is one of them--never forget them that's for sure!!
Chloe will be 9 in August and Phoebe in January--I remember meeting you in the airport like it was yesterday.
You are the best---we'll continue every once in a while so you know
what you do makes a differance for the better in people's lives!
These have been the best 9 years of my life---hopefull many more! -
Testimonials back by popular demand...

Past puppy parents please send me pictures and reviews
and I will post them. Thanks to you all!
Alexandria, Louisiana

He is a wonderful pup and so beautiful. We are very happy
with him. Thank you so much!
Lucky Louis

Monroe, Louisiana

Prince is a very happy puppy... you do a good job!-
I am so impressed with TK Kennels. I expected to see puppies in
cages but I arrived to a beautiful home and calm enviroment. My
puppy, Prince, was happy and full of energy. I've had him for two
weeks and his temperament hasn't changed. You could tell he
was getting lots of love and attention! I highly recommend this
-- five star rating! on YELP

They have both fulfilled our lives (especially Chloe) can't play favs but she is the sweetest soul ever!!! Daddy's Girl
Chloe and Phoebe excelling
after our move to Florida!!!
Hope all is well...
Dave and Jennifer
It was meant to be---God sends us very few gifts--Chloe is one of them--never forget them that's for sure!!
Chloe will be 9 in August and Phoebe in January--I remember meeting you in the airport like it was yesterday.
You are the best---we'll continue every once in a while so you know
what you do makes a differance for the better in people's lives!
These have been the best 9 years of my life---hopefull many more! -
She is a wonderful puppy love her to death! -
You were there step by step threw our hard
times with Princess. I will always be grateful to
you. You are great... I am so happy I got
Princess from you.
You are always so amazing to me... I really am happy to get to know you.

Dover, NH

Kacie passed certification to be on AKC
S.T.A.R. Puppy. She was evaluated on 20
items at Petco. She has passed two classes
Puppy School. She starts another class...
She is the teacher's pet... LOL...At school
they played games and Kacie won 3 out of
4 of the games. She received the Top Dog
Trophy as well as a lot of toys, etc...
Kacie Kobie 2016
Alexandria, Louisiana
Kacie graduating from Puppy School Level I. She is now enrolled in Level II...
The puppy teacher says she is very, very smart. She learns the first time!
Isn't Kacie beautiful... She has had
5 classes at Petco. The next class
she will take is to be certified as a
Canine Good Citizen by AKC.
Hey Kim! This is Heidi. I
got Angelle from you. I just
wanted you to see how
beautiful she is. We love
her so much! She is
everything I wanted. So
sweet and good, very well
behaved. She is our furry
daughter and very spoiled!

Working to get her
certified to visit nursing

December 2017
Plaquemine, LA
January 2017
Columbia, LA
August 2017
Emily named him Booger lol...

They love him! Probably could not have gotten a better
dog for them!! He just lets them roll all over him!!
Killer is doing very well... Dexter too...

Kate is thrilled.
Baton Rouge, LA
December 2017
Columbia, LA
August 2017
Killer                       Dexter
Biloxi, Mississippi

December 2017
Hi Kim,

My girls are enjoying Mink....

She's doing really great!! We're really enjoying her! She's
running around playing with the girls and chewing up all my
shoes lol. We love her!
We made it home... he's been very good. Posh welcomed him
and shared her favorite toy.

He is so lovable... we love love love him. I promise we will take
very good care of him and give him a happy life!
tell me, how is there a better face to wake
up to in the morning ��
Addis, LA
September 2017
Rowlett, Texas
July 2017
Thought you might like to know
Skeetie-Bop is doing awesome! He is
a very confident little pup! He is eating
well and plays A LOT! We still haven't
left him alone at all. Going to try some
short spurts of separation next week.

He is doing great!
Shreveport, Louisiana
September 2016
Hi Kim, this is Jeri i just wanted to
check and make sure you're ok from
the storm... sending you some pictures
of Jazzi at eight months old....  
everything is well and Jazzi is doing
just wonderful!

Batesville, Mississippi
February 2017
-- five star rating! on GOOGLE
I adopted Bridgett earlier this year, and she is the best
dog ever! These puppies are well socialized and very
well cared for. I highly recommend TK Kennels.
Betty Sue
Vinton, Louisiana
January 2017
Hello Mrs Howard. This is Ginger. I adopted this puppy
from you last spring and just wanted to show you what she
looks like now. She is the BEST pet we have ever had.
She is the perfect fit on our family and we all love her so
much. I'm so lucky to have found your website! Betty Sue
keeps our family so happy. We adore her!! ��
Cassie Bell
Alexandria, Louisiana
August 2017
Thank you! We are so happy with her!

She is crazy intelligent...

Smartest dog I ever had...
the gym mascot
she is so good with the
thought you might like to see
Lil Buddy
Marrero, Louisiana
September 2017
Went to vet today had
perfect health check...
he is wonderful everyone
loves him...
thanks Kim
Berwick, Louisiana
July 2017
He has settled in well. Practically owns the house. He certainly
has a big personality for a little puppy. He's sleeping in his
playpen... he generally does well going potty on the pads... I
think he's getting comfortable here.
Addison and Jax
Just wanted to wish you and your family
a happy Thanksgiving!
Hi! I'm Brandy. My fiance Bradley got Layla for me for Valentines. She made a year
12/6/17 and on her birthday it snowed. She loved it. We re-named her Stella Mae
when she got home. I had that name picked out if Bradley ever gave in and got me
a pom! It was such a surprise. We love her so much, she's super smart with a sassy
little personality. She loves to go on walks and dress up. She is a prissy little diva.
We thank ya'll so much. Stella is most certainly our precious baby and the center of
our world. She is one spoiled baby!!!
Stella Mae
Springfield, Louisiana
December 2016
West Monroe, Louisiana
September 2017
Hi Kim, Sending you a Christmas photo of Gracie. She is
such a joy to have around. I'm still wanting another of your
teacups when they become available.

Happy New Years to you and your family!
Walker, Louisiana
January 2017
Ms. Kim

I've changed Mika's name to Belle. She is now 1 year old and 3 months,
just shy of 50, very fit pounds.

My pretty girl.

...feel free to post her picture...  I hope it will help your business, others knowing
how pleased I am with Belle. She is AWESOME and my life is better for having her!
Update 2018

Loved the visit! Thank you both for
coming to visit and bringing Kacie!!!
Southborough, Massachusetts
March  2018
Whiskey and Nanci
Just wanted to let you know Whiskey is doing
very well... he's my spoiled baby and everyone
he meets loves him... he's the coolest pup ever!

...super happy pup!
Oak Harbor, Washigton
March  2018
I'm in love omg she is the cutest!!!!!
She's such a doll with the cutest
happiest personality :) I don't think I
could have gotten a better sister for
my other pom Kona
Alexandria, Louisiana
March  2018
Rowdee's wellness exam: he is
100% overall a healthy specimen of
a toy breed, you guys did an
amazing job keep up the good work.
Bless ya'll... thanks again on an
amazing job of getting them ready
for new families. Ya'll rock!
Mini Tippy Toes
DeRidder, Louisiana
May  2018
She is doing GREAT! We started
our bell training yesterday and I can't
believe how well she's doing. She's
a little cheese hound lol. She'll poke
her little nose on the bell and i'll
praise and make a big deal and she
licks the cheese off my fingers.I
close my hand and she pokes the
bell again. It's amazing! Puppy pads
are working too. The kids are head
over heels and I caught my husband
snuggling and baby talking her lol.
Reseda, California
March  2018
I have to say you raise the best
pups!! Penny is already training so
well! I have pee pads, a crate, and a
carrier and she loves them all!
...your awesome!
She's such a joy she makes me
want 10!!!
Ok so I have to tell you, I took
her to the Grove, (which is the
outdoor mall here in LA) for the
first time today, and everyone
went crazy for her! I mean

I also told a couple people
about you, so maybe more
sales will be headed your way!
Can't wait for the new arrivals!
Zhavia Born 7/12/18
Sold to Dana
Westwego, Louisiana
Westwego, Louisiana
September 2018
Zhavia Born 7/12/18
Sold to Dana
Westwego, Louisiana
-- five star rating! on GOOGLE
Picked up our baby today (A Siberian husky) and
she is beautiful! Kim was amazing keeping me
updated on our baby. If I could give her 100 stars I
would. Nice and clean enviroment, I highly
recommend Tk Kennels.
She's doing good... she loves the baby and the baby loves to crawl after
her....  she is great with the kids.
Shreveport, Louisiana
Sister for Pueblo
Shreveport, Louisiana

Odenville, Alabama
Kim, Thank you so much with
all of your help with Bella!
Kim, I would like to tell everyone how
happy I am with TK Kennels. You have
been great! You were SO helpful during
and even after our bringing Bella home. I
just wanted to share with others who may
want a puppy from you.
...thanks again for such a wonderful gift
for my wife.
Tallahassee, Florida
Our baby is doing great! She is a
star! And we are referring all
inquiries to your website ��
Had someone offer me
$10k for her yesterday
So many people are in awe of her
color and size. We are super happy
with our choice!...

...We are in love and she is so
stinking smart!...

...I want a blue merle male now so put
me at the top of your list for the next
one. ��
October 2018
Update 2018
awe a brother for Buddy!
Alexandria, Louisiana
He's healthy, happy,
and loved...
...he's adorable I always send inquiries
to y'all...

...feel free to use any on your page
that's toilet paper in his sneaky lil mouth.
New Iberia, Louisiana
Hi! Today i saw my
vet i am 2.8
pounds... have had
all my shots
including Rabies
and got a clean bill
of health. I love my
Thompson family. I
am calm and lots of
fun and loved ❤
Hi Kim, Angelle Marie would
like to wish her brother lil
Man a Happy 2nd Birthday!
As you can see she had a
party and loved it! Just look
at that smile!
Love going to the
website and seeing the
puppies! I want
another i just cant right
She is the absolute most well behaved
pup! she doesnt act like a dog (which
she's not lol) take care!
Grayson Louis
Born 1/18/19
Given to Amber
(My sweet angel!)
Little Louis is my nine-week-old sweetheart and such a joy and comfort to have! He excitingly
blocks my pathway or sneakily chews my slippers. He has come into my life when I didn’t
know how much I was missing by not having this precious ball of fluff! I can’t imagine my life
without him! I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Kim Howard for many years. A couple
of years ago Mrs. Kim gave me an adult female named Elsa. I felt honored to have her
knowing she was a descendant of her beloved late TK.

Sometime later we needed someone to watch Elsa while we went on vacation. I didn’t feel
comfortable leaving my sweet Elsa with anyone but Mrs. Kim. Three weeks later when I
returned I was anxious to see my baby girl. I noticed right away she wanted to be with Mrs.
Kim. I thought she would adjust in a day or two, but noticed when Mrs. Kim came to visit she
wanted to be with her. With many tears Mrs. Kim explained she and Elsa had bonded in that
very special way she had with her TK. I was more than happy to offer Elsa back to her, it was
obvious Elsa wanted it that way too. I’ve been told you don’t choose your puppy, your puppy
chooses you! Elsa had chosen Mrs. Kim.

At a very sad time in my life God allowed this precious little baby boy to come to me. When
Mrs. Kim gave me this precious little boy, I realized how lonely I had been. It’s amazing how
close a bond you can have with a puppy. I can never thank you enough Mrs. Kim (a.k.a.
Aunt Kim)! Elsa was a wonderful dog, and I truly loved her, but I feel as thou I’ve been given
my very own TK!

With Love and Thanks, Amber Marie T.
Amber you put others before
yourself. You are an amazing child of
God! Elsa and I love and thank you
very much! - Kim